Hide a button after an action

I would to know if anyone knows how can I hide a button to a user after an action on the button please

Hello !
Change the value of an invisible input on the button click (event) and you define the visibility of the button on this input.
exemple :

  • You put the value “1” inside an entry.
  • On your button, you set the visibility like "is visible if “input” have the value 1
  • When you clic on the button you create your useful action and after this you create an other action “change input value” and you change the value of “input” with a 0. Your button will disepear.

thanks for your answer. But can you please detail this procedure out please? I am lost where can I change the input value?


You can add another action to your button, go to “More…” and then select “Change Input Value”. There you need to select the input that you would like to change. Hope this helps!

when I do this I have no input value to chose
how do I do to add a value or change a value

Then you probably need to add an input to your screen by adding the “Text Input”-Component (you can make it invisible by changing the colors to transparent). You can then select that input in the “Change Input Value”-Action.

Let me know if this is what you are lookin for?

You can hide the input field by coloring after (transparent) as Florian mentions, or use a simple rectangle in front with same background color.

You can also hide screen here:

But this is not working for me now as it keeps this weird “cache” and does not default, Adalo should investigate this.

I created a little app, this will be faster than explain everything in detail.
This app do 2 things, when you clic on the button “Create text” this will change the value inside the visible Input (you can change this action by what you want) and the second things, this will change the value of the input “invisible button input” you need this do switch the button to an invisible state. Don’t delete this.
This is the result :

This is the clonable app link : Invisible button

If you have questions I will try to answer it in the simplest way.


thanks very much for all your answers they are all helpful to me.
I appreciate