Invite other user in App with SMS

A user wants to invite an other user, so the invitee can use the app (signing up is only possible with invite). So the user enters the phone number of the invitee. After pressing “Invite” the SMS-App opens and the user can send a “template”-SMS only with the text “You are invited!” or something like that. Then the invitee can just download the app and sign up with his/her phone number. (So after inviting someone, the phone number of the invitee is saved in a database and only users with invited phone numbers can sign up)
Could this be possible without using Zapier? And if yes, how? Thank you very much!

Hi Florian,

Yes, you can build that.

First, if you want to invite users via SMS, you’ll need to have a twilio workflow setup (can do via zapier).

You could also use the Adalo share function to share information with the other user.

Then, create a referral code signup like shown in this tutorial - Tutorial: Signup with referrals and prizes

Hope that helps!

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Hi Erik,
Thank you for your response! I hadn’t thought of the share function. Thank you!

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