Did any successfully figure out SMS to All Users

I am trying to create a message and send it to my users, I can’t figure out whats the best way to do this. When I try Zapier I am stuck (how do I put the user for the sender in the Zapier info), when I try clicksend (I am not trying to verify by sms), I am stuck.

Are you looping over each user and then sending the SMS? Some screenshots of what you have in Zapier would help. How are you triggering this?

First and foremost thank you so much for responding!!! I don’t know how to do this, I’ve been up for hours trying to find the easiest way possible to get this accomplished all I want is to be able to create a sms and send to all users. I just want to find a solution.

Hi @Delee,

You can’t do this on Adalo* alone so you have rightly tried Zapier.

Zapier to my knowledge only checks for new or updated records, it cannot GET All (http requests are in beta).

Make.com or Xano can do this. Or any other similar tool that can

Get all from an Adalo Collection API call
Loop through results
Send SMS API request to your provider (click send, twilio etc…
Update a collection with the SMS API response (optional)

*There is a way to do it in Adalo for low volumes. Use a countdown timer in a list of Users with your SMS Custom action attached to it. You can see myself and Victor discussing pros and cons of this across the forum. It’s ok for prototype but not for any kind of production app.

currently low volumes will be ok while i figure out the Make.com//// will you be able to share me the link for a prototype …I have already started the make.com/integromat please see the picture

just wanted to make sure I’m doing this correctly the problem is with Twillio how do I add the user from the collection thats where I’m stuck

In your make.com screen shot you are

  1. Watching for new records
  2. Getting that ‘new’ record
  3. Sending a message to that single user

In your 1st post you said you wanted to send an SMS to all users.

Do you want to
a) Send an SMS to all users
b) Send an SMS to each new user

I want to send a message to all users. Example if we running a food drop off for a small group of people we want to text the group to tell them about food drop off.

I am so thankful for your response i haven’t been sleeping well trying to figure this out.

question in order to get the API key do i need to upgrade my membership i currently have professional

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Yes you need… Team or Business.

got it
what would be your suggestions on how the MAKE should be created? Or what would be your best steps to accomplish this task???

Something like this.

Custom Action from Adalo calls the webhook.
Get All users
Loop over results
For each user API call to click send

You could possibly dump the phone number and any personalisations to clicksend if they have a batch function.

i had the webhook connected too i just didnt know which process was suppose to be first
I was thinking the following:
get all users
get new sms
send to all users sms

is this process wrong or out of order??

I’m not sure of the exact process, just speaking hypothetically, if you need 1-1 help feel free to book a call with me. But you are nearly there with everything discussed in this thread, start building and testing :+1:

yesss!!! i didnt even know what was an option can you send me the link to book just in case i need you

@Rozza @delee a side note:

  • Adalo List Records module in Make has built-in iterator. So there is no need to add an additional loop module (Iterator), it will process all records automatically. The scenario can consist only of 2 modules: List Records + API SMS call.
  • If you add an Iterator, you will iterate all users the number of times equal to number of users. So if you have 100 users, next iterator will be called 100 times. In some scenario setups, this will result sending 100 SMS to each user or 10000 SMS to first user.
  • therefore, I would advise being very careful before connecting actual “action” module (SMS, email, etc.) and to test the scenario thoroughly not to fall into the trap like mentioned above.

Also: List Records module has a limitation of 1000 records returned. So if you have more than 1000 users, you will need either to use HTTP module or Adalo API call module and iterate records using offset. In both cases, you will need Iterator module: Adalo API / HTTP doesn’t have an iterator built-in and you will have to iterate “records” array.


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thank you, currently I dont have 1000 records but it is growing… I figured it will be just 2 steps is there a reference i can look at to set this correctly

@delee first module is Adalo List Records, 2nd module is SMS sender.

To test, you can replace 2nd module with a dummy “set multiple variables” module, and set several variables which represent SMS contents there (e.g. recepient & text). You need to take values from the first module.
Also for the testing you can limit number of records returned in the 1st module (so that you don’t spend a lot of operations in Make).