How to Invite New User to Connect to Existing User?

Hi. Very new to Adalo.

How can an EXISTING User “B” send invite a new User “A” (email or phone) to join the app AND be “connected” to user B?

I need B to reference user A … (VERIFY THEY Accepted, cancel or invite someone else)
and user A to update data in user B?

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Welcome to the forums @arvell!

This is an interesting use case but I am not sure it is currently possible within Adalo. Or at the very least will require some heavy work with outside services (API’s and connectors such as Zapier or Integromat).

I will see what I am able to achieve but it might be worthwhile thinking of other ways to achieve a similar goal.

Thanks for the welcome!
My understanding is what I’m asking seems related to the follow/unfollow information as well as the event/invite resources, but putting it all together is a bit unclear.
I did assume i may need zapier or api to make it work…

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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So you will need to use custom actions or zapier here to get this working properly. To get this working you will have to “pre-register” each invited user with the email address provided and a temporary password. Also set up an action here to update the logged in user and attach a relational property to that user with the user being created.

Then send an email to that person that they are invited etc and give a link to login to the app with their login credentials that have been generated for them.

Once they login, you should set up a link to a new screen to set a new password (for security). You can use a conditional action to do this only the first time they login. (or set it up with a boolean property (true/false) that they have in-fact updated their password.

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