iOS App Building fails -> Driving Direction

Hi there,
some days ago I can’t create a new iOS Version, guessing due to an error in the driving-direction from Pragmaflow

Error Message (+ the logs also points to the driving direction):

Error: Command failed: /Users/administrator/Code/TestApp2/node_modules/driving-direction/scripts/

In android Work Without problem.

if you can help me i would appreciate it

Hi, Any from Pragmaflow, can healp me ?


Hi Cristian,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

I’m sorry that you are facing this issue!

To confirm that this issue causing the Driving Direction component that Pragmaflow created delete that a bit from the app and try!

If the build was successful try again creating a new build after adding that component again. If the build was unsuccessful again then it might be causing the Driving Direction component made by Pragmaflow!

If it is @Mitch-Pragmaflow @TKOTC from Pragmaflow Team will help here! :+1:

And I also suggest to Submit a support ticket so that Adalo Team can check what component causing this issue and help you!

Hope it will be fix soon!

Thank you

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