iOS App Crashing with New Builds

Is anyone else having issues with new iOS builds today? My builds are succeeding and sending to TestFlight without problems but the app crashes on launch after updating in TestFlight.

This is happening on 2 separate apps (although sharing the same database) – 1 with only visual tweaks made this morning, and 1 with no changes since the last successful build and update.

Submitting a support ticket but is this affecting anyone else?

I submitted my App twice to TestFlight, the submission was successful. THE PROBLEM IS: The App does not open, when I click to open the App it exits. It wasn’t like that.

Yes the very same problem. App build without problem. I click on icon app launch and crash instantly.

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yup, same here

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Log a ticket all.
I’m in the UK and logged a ticket around 5hrs ago…the more who log tickets the greater the chance the issue will be dealt with.

The squeakiest wheel gets the most oil…


Have heard back from support to say that a fix has been released and the issue should now be resolved. It’s late here now so will try another build in the morning but fingers crossed it’s all sorted.

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You did it?

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It works i did it

Yes all fine for me since yesterday. I also didn’t get the warning from Apple about the SDK version for my last 2 builds so maybe these problems were caused by upgrades to Adalo’s build service?

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