iOS app is crashing


After my recent iOS build, my app immediately crashes when I open it after downloading it from TestFlight. I didn’t add any new features to the app.

Please help as we have a demo scheduled for tomorrow.

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FYI I have exactly the same issue, no really changes, new builds just started crashing. I raised it with support yesterday, no response yet!

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Thanks for the update Matt!


Same issue. The Appstore keeps rejecting my app because it crashes. I have made one small visual change for the new submission.

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Does it work in TestFlight? I’m guessing not and it’s the same issue. have you looked at your crash logs?

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I am exactly the same way.
My question is, does that app use a QR code camera?
I removed the QR camera and it stopped crashing.

I just received the following from support and can confirm my app now works

Hi Matt​,

Thanks for writing to us!

I have received communication from our team that a release was made to the platform that should address this issue and resolve it for you.

Please push a new build and if you still experience the same issue again, please let me know asap so I may escalate that to the team immediately.

Astha . | CX Team

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