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Hi all,

I’ve got an app that was rejected for not having modal permission requests. I have customised the text that is shown, but still getting rejected. I believe for not showing a permission modal before accessing the users photos.

Here is the flow:
Using Image picker component in a custom form,
Select camera = Permission modal shows
Select photos = Straight to photos, no modal. *This is where Apple are rejecting my app I believe.

Does anybody have experience of the same issue. Did it used to work?

In the editor we can choose when and which screen to request permission for notifications, but rely on Adalo to ask at the right time for camera / photo / location permission. It would be a vast improvement if we can build a user flow that delivers the Permission Modal after some ‘Pre-alert screens’, like how Apple describe here.

In theory is it possible to know the user settings with regard to permissions once the user has made that decision?

Minor detail… We cannot customise notifications message in the modal. Is this an iOS restriction?

Thanks all!

This explains a little what I mean.

I believe the Photo library permission text is what is missing from my build that apple are rejecting. It doesn’t pop up when selecting the camera roll as an upload source with the image picker / or native form.

Hello Rozza,

I have this same issue, which is the main reason I can’t publish my app. Regarding your theory about the user’s settings on having permission to use the camera before opening the app. I tried turning it off, and it made little forwards difference. You get a different popup that says to allow the usage of the camera access. Adalo please fix this.

OK I have some good news.
I cancelled my build and resubmitted, and it passed after another round of questions today, they did not mention photos or camera again.

Make sure your permission text is customised.

The file picker does not need permission because the user chooses the photos singularly and the app does not have constant background access to photo library.

Adalo support also gave me some firepower for Apple should I need to argue it. I won’t post it here, but will tag @Adalo_CXTeam and they can if they wish.

In my experience the Apple reviewer can have a tendency to just repeat themselves. Consider cancelling that build and resubmitting.

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Thanks @Rozza!

We have noted the situation internally and updated the help docs for iOS publishing.

Thanks again!

– J

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