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I am about to publish a new app to the apple store. When you go thru the process : Publish → iOS App → App Settings → App Request Permission. It says Camera permission, photo library permission, location permission text.

My app has no use of any of that. As a result, I cannot explain such request.

What to do ?


I just submitted an app a couple of days ago and did not fill in those boxes when creating the build. My app does not require access to the camera, photo library, or location. The app was approved and launched in the stores yesterday (

When you’re submitting your app, there’s a section that comes up that asks what information you collect from the users.

For me, it’s just an email address of the user that I collect, so no photos, camera access, or location are needed. Because of this, they approved the app even though I left those sections blank when creating the build within Adalo.


Got it! Thanks!

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