IOs native app Bug (text shadows)

Hello to all

I’m having a problem with my app.

I created the build for IOS and released in Flight test, but I immediately noticed that the text of my list with boxes appears com in the attached photo.

while instead in the preview it appeared correctly. I noticed that this only happens with the text in the list with images, while in the other texts always be ok.

can someone help me? is it a bug? what should i do to fix?

Upp Please!! this is Horrible!!! the component is: CARD LIST

Hi @miticobeppe

A few suggestions on this:

  1. Can you check and confirm none of the fields were accidentally duplicated? Move them around and verify there’s no text underneath. If you copy & paste in adalo, the text will align, so you can’t see the field underneath…
  2. What font are you using? That could be the issue?

If it isn’t either of those two things, I might retry sending it through testlfight. if the issue persists, submit a ticket to the adalo team and notify them there’s a bug causing the text shadows.


Hello and thanks for the answer.

It is not a custom list, but the CARD list so I cannot overlay text as it has predefined fields.

I tried submitting a new build to testflight and ran into the same problem.

I will send a ticekt.
Thank you.

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