My app is doing something weird

Hi, its me again! So, I am really enjoying everything about Adalo! Today I started to work in my app and a weird screen appeared. It contains lists, buttons and forms from others screens, and even is linked to some links. Is it normal?

Should I wrote this topic on bugs? Sorry…

Sounds like a bug that has happened to me before. I’ve been unable to get those “ghost” elements to delete and have ended up just deleting the entire screen. When I did reach out to Adalo support about it like a month ago they said they were unaware of it, and it just happened again to me yesterday. So it might be something to do with the server issues they are experiencing and the lag causing things to get crossed.

Goodluck! And glad you’re enjoying Adalo!

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I thought it was just duplicate problem, like “ghosts” that u said. But I was doing modifications in my app and noticed that buttons and other items acttually moved from its original screen to that screen, and now my app isnt working the way it was intended to. I m wainting for the support to know what I should do. Lets see.

Can you send over any screen shots or a loom recording or let me know which app and screen is having the issue?

I ll make it if the app do it again… I had to fix it to show the preview to my client… Sorry