Preview & testflight app don't match up

I’m working on my app and in the preview and the browser it looks fine. But then I go into TestFlight and it’s all wonky. The text looks like it needs to be pushed down, or that something is missing. One of the pages is appearing on top of another page. Any thought on what would he causing this? I’ve never had this issue before. Hoping it’s just something this newbie is missing.

Hey there! I have experienced this issue a few times… don’t stress! It can be fixed. Basically, you have to go in and group everything into a single group. If there’s a group within the bigger group, then try to “ungroup” those items and make them apart of the bigger group. Then, at the bottom of the screen components section click the “edit” button and try to lock the screen position to the top or the bottom. This was the advice that I received from Adalo support - hope it helps you! It fixed mine everytime.


THANK YOU! I will try this. If they are all grouped together, will individual actions still work within the group?