iOS SF Iconset made with Adalo Vector Tool but is very tricky to use

I am making free iconsets for Adalo users that I just called Basix and iOS SF Symbols.
Just really wanna contribute here but the vector tool sometimes doesn’t work. Most cases you click on vector points it and it won’t complete and work.

Some problems I saw:
-It is quite impossible to make curves (notification bell icon)
-Well I know there’s no masking and all that stuff, but it is fine I guess as users can just adjust the icons themselves… but really the curves are hard to do. It is not that smooth using the tool and coming from a heavy VD background I feel this is stopping me to help the community.

Is there anyone here who has made an iconset/library?

This is really impressive and a great initiative @TORCH. Although I do not know how to help you in this personally, I will bring it to the attention of the team.

There is a feature request to be able to upload svg’s as icons:

Perhaps when this is available it will help further.

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