Supercharge your Adalo Apps! Beautiful native icons & Cloneable UI Kits crafted with Adalo

Hey All! I hope everybody is safe during these challenging times.
I wanna share a simple project that I have been working on.
Beautiful Visual Assets for Adalo Apps by DesignX

Most of the app makers here need iconsets beyond Material Iconset that is built-in in Adalo.
This project will have a LOT of visual assets to supercharge your projects.

From icons to screen designs that ROCKS!

This project has been done. All icons are natively done in Adalo. All you need to do is copy paste mate!
When you copy paste coloured icons to your project, the icons primary colour adapts to your project as well.

  • I will add some unique and bespoke UI Kits fortnightly to help you stand out and achieve your client branding requirements. SF Symbols will be done in Regular stroke-width which is usable in most cases.

THANKS! Let me know your thoughts by commenting below.


Love them guys looks awesome

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@hughmcampbell Thanks mate! Make sure you sign up . (link in the post)

Just posting an update to what I have been working on.
Launching this week folks!

Watch the preview right here:

There won’t be tons of visual assets at first but we’re going to be adding heaps of stuffs per week!

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Hey your website looks amazing! Best webapp i’ve seen so far from Adalo.

Just curious if the “Real Estate UI kit” you mention is the one I put up for cloning?

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The one you put up?
Nah mate, these are new ones with custom icons and non-functional just UI kits.

Everyone, the visual resource is now live! Thanks :pray:

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Will be adding more updates on this thread :ok_hand:

New UI Kit for Storefront/mobile app for a shop (non-functional) Native ecommerce app📲

-Simple, clean UI will be available for full cloning
-Custom icon and floating bottom tab-bar (stroked and filled state)
-Quick view UI
-Welcome screen has sample compressed gif or can be static image.
-Products support img urls for fast loading time, saves space as well
-This is almost functional but you will still need to configure this to work

Will be available on Monday:
Here’s the preview:

Video/Gif backgrounds for your native Mobile App!
Click here>>>
On desktop preview it will show the video autoplaying, but on mobile webview it won’t autoplay.
On Live app I haven’t tested it.

Really amazing!!! lol what’s the technique for adding the share button?

Thanks man!
There are several ways to do share and I am not sure if it is right way.

Video share is different while product link share involves rethinking your mobile app+ webapp so you have links that have permalinks + you need to install that Marketplace component > Friendly URL on the webapp version so you have vanity URLs :wink:


Do you want to show your user’s country in a visual way?

Then you need this Visual Resource. Clone the country list with data + circular flag png.
It is here>

Medical and Real Estate Industry Iconset is now added to the growing list of resources here:

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Well done for this amazing work!
Your website looks super great. :slight_smile:
I went through the website that you built with Adalo, right?
I’m wondering how you integrated the country selection in the Signup form?
It’s been a while I’m trying but I can’t find the way… :roll_eyes:

I guess this will help other users too.

Thanks @TORCH!

Yes the entire site was made with Adalo.
The country field in sign up form is just a collection with a relationship to User collection.
A Country can have multiple users, Users can only have one country - relationship.
What’s amazing about my country asset is that it comes with flags :wink: in case you need to display the user’s country.

Hey boss I just bought these icon flags but they wont download to my computer. What am I missing? Instruction please! Thanks.

@peterkilaba Peter it is a cloneable Adalo Project(project + collection with image and img URLS).
IF you need the physical file I’ll dm you.

Ok. so how do i use it in my project? cause when i try to download, it just give me url link and not sure how to proceed. thanks

At the bottom of that URL

Click clone project and it will be added as one of your project.
You will then need to add it on the project that you are working on.
Watch this tutorial when you feel like lost:

Where can we find medical icons ? I didn’t get that on website