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Hello Guy’s I am a designer, who has built a library of over 1000 abstract vector symbols and shapes. Tho it was for fun mainly I thought I could try building a logo generator app, and I was wondering would it be possible with Adalo. I sure would welcome some input on the ideas or general concepts.

Hello @Marcin welcome!

I might need a bit more info on this to help best :slight_smile:

Hey so it is like this. I have a library of over 1000 vector symbols. App should allow user in few steps to choose a, font style, preferred graphics style ( In general this will be only abstract, minimalistic black and white logo. So it’s a mixed composition of fonts and graphics ) in the end you will have few proposals, generated by the app, from which you can choose, one or few or let the app generate it again. Once you will pick the desired option you will have a cart functionality and after a payment you will be able to download the logos. Automatically you will also create an account to which you will have to have access to re download the bought composition for a certain duration in time or forever until the service will be up.

You will need at least custom fonts, which are on the roadmap, but not available yet. See: https://ideas.adalo.com/feature-requests/p/custom-fonts.

So kind of a similar service to https://logomaster.ai/?

This would be possible with custom fonts as karimoo suggested above.

Yes Exactly but way simpler, my current site looks like this: https://www.vectors.dedend.com, so far less options everything is basically black and white. Audience is pretty specific and looking for a certain effect.

Since it takes forever for me to do anything, I might just start with one font and think of building the logo mixer first maybe. Till we will get there probably Adalo team will develop the fonts integration. Right now it’s more theory on my end anyway.

That would be the best path forward I would say! :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing it, and as someone who has used such logo services previously. Might very well become a customer :slight_smile:

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