iOS Test Flight Build Not Working


I submitted a test flight build and it said the build was successful in Adalo but per the instructions here I never got email with a link to the app: “5) You will receive an email when your app is available for you to test in Testflight.”

I got an error message from App Store Connect so I’m not sure if that’s related / what’s causing the issue (image below).

Any tips on how to troubleshoot / resolve this?


Screenshot 2020-01-03 13.20.52

FYI, this message from Apple is just a warning and won’t prevent your app from being published.

Hey! This issue is resolved; it looks like there was some delay between the build completing in Adalo and it showing under My Apps in App Store Connect because when I continuously refreshed the page I didn’t see the build appear. Next time I’ll try logging in / out or (just waiting a little longer before posting in the forum :sweat_smile: )

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