iOS14 <> Adalo Customers and Communication

Hello :wave: Adalo team

With iOS14 on the way (and this also being the first major update for me as an Adalo user) I wanted to make sure that we as Adalo customers don’t have anything to do on our end and that our apps will be functional.

I’m not sure how you’ve handled new iOS releases before but would def recommend a brief email update to users with a “no need to worry, with Adalo your app is always supported on the latest iOS update.” or something along those lines.

Just want to make sure there’s nothing adverse to expect on our end.

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Hello @jca :wave: :slight_smile:

Our dev team is amazing with these kinds of things and making sure to cover all bases.

I will definitely put this forward to our comms team though as I think you’re spot on that this kind of communication puts everyone at ease!

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