I need some reassurance lol

First, I want to say that, overall, I have been very happy with Adalo. And at this point, I have invested a good chunk of time & money in building my application in Adalo.

However, I am starting to get slightly worried about how buggy the web version of the app has been when I test it out. Not buggy as in actual issues with the functionality, but sometimes it will freeze, “jump” oddly, crash, etc. Obviously, I know that no app is perfect in the beginning, but it is still concerning.

I haven’t released anything to the app store yet, so I am hoping that some of these issues will be resolved once I do.

Can anyone share their experiences with me if you have had similar issues with the web version of your application? And did these issues resolve when you submitted them to the app stores?

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It’s laggy overall

I am interested in those experiences to. Please CC to me.

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