iPad pro is not responsive


I used a square format image so why it’s not showing the image square format in iPad or notepads.


Did you find a remedy to this? - I am having the same issue!
I want the display to be square and the image to be cropped to fill the space
I even uploaded square images to see if that helped … It didn’t…

Can you post a screenshot of how you have set up this component in the builder please.

I had the image size as square - but that wasn’t working - so it is now slightly taller than wide - in the hope that it lines up with the same size of map on the following page - I have resized the test images i had loaded through the app thinking it was the proportion of what was being uploaded - and I even changed pngs to jpgs just in case… - but some not all images are making this page perform differently …
any thoughts - would be much appreciated!

I’m not sure what would be the cause of this. I know that we are not built specifically for responsiveness, in particular to web apps but this also extends to tablets too. At the moment our efforts are focused on mobile.

thanks colin,
my query was in relation to mobile build - it was just @ishantanusrivastava had seemed have had similar problems regarding square formating - I had wondered if since theri original post they had found a common resolve