Responsive app is appearing small on an iPad


I’ve developed a mobile application using the responsive features in Adalo. All works fine on a mobile device, I also have the options inside the Adalo editor to change layout etc based on mobile, tablet, web etc.

However when I run the app via TestFlight on an iPad it just appears as a small App on the screen, with a big black boarder.

have I missed a step?

Thanks, Matt

Yes. iPad is not supported so it displays as a ‘compatible’ app
Though this isn’t particularly well documented and the messaging and product offering from Adalo doesn’t make it explicitly clear.

Upvote it iPad Apps | Voters | Adalo

Thanks for letting me know! I’ve got to say that’s absolutely shocking it’s not supported. It really isn’t clear and I feel the designer is misleading. I’m starting to wonder If I have chosen the right platform.

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