Responsive Build?

Hello, We have competed a build on adalo and we are getting it ready for publishing on the Play store and Apple Store. The app looks fine on several phones but its all wrong on a tablet, all the images and buttons are the wrong shape and size - how do we make it responsive?

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I ran into the same issue, I would personally create a separate app for tablets given the limited control you have over responsivity with Adalo.

I think tablets use separate application stores anyway so you may need a separate app anyway.

Hiya, thanks for your reply. is this how you fixed your issue? and how did you do this? did you just clone the design and change this on a new build?

I told my client that we would publish it on mobile for now. Tablets are usually a very small percentage of overall downloads so I told him to reach out to his customers & gauge the demand for a tablet-version.

If it’s necessary, I would clone the app & use the Adalo tablet dimensions provided as a template for your app. This will essentially just require you to move & resize existing components.

Hope this helps, remember - you don’t need to cater to every potential customer to begin with. Take it step by step & don’t overwhelm yourself with tasks :slight_smile:

Okay thank you for your reply, I need to talk to the others about how we carry on. Just another thing, how did you get around the android and apple stores needing screen shots for 7 &10 inch screen sizing? Did you just upload the same screenshots as the phone sizing

Hello, we have spoken about what you said and I think we are just going to do the mobile release first and see if there is any need for a tablet size. Can I ask, how did you get past android and apple stores needing screenshots of 7 and 10 inch screens

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