Is a PWA different from what I share when I’m building my app in the Adalo App Builder?

In the Adalo App Builder, I can click on SHARE, which takes me to a screen with a QR code and links. When someone scans the QR code or clicks on the link, they get a screen that says “add to home screen”.

I know that thing they’re adding to the home screen is a bookmark, which looks and acts like a true app. Is that an actual PWA, or is a PWA something else?

Once I’m ready to take my app live, I know I can either turn it into a native app which I can distribute through the App Store, or I can distribute it as a PWA. So am I distributing a PWA now when I send someone the SHARE link or let them scan the QR code?

The bookmarked version is a PWA version. There are 2 primary differences.

  1. No push notifications to PWA devices. Only to native installs. You may benefit more from having users install the apps from the app stores so that you can send them push notifications.

  2. App updates. The PWA version will always stay updated based on what you’ve built within the Adalo editor. However, changes made to apps in the app stores require submitting new builds in order to update the app. Then, users must update the installed app to the latest version to see the changes.

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