Is Adalo now preventing PWA sharing on the Free Plan?

I created a new app and the all of the publishing options are disabled?

Is Adalo now not allowing PWA apps to be shared at all before upgrading?..


You can still share your app by clicking the “share” button located on the top right of the editor:
Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 2.41.16 PM

You can still use and view everything the same, for free.

The option that you’re looking at is to publish to a custom domain or native apps.

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Ah right, I see, so I can share with potential customers that way. Then when I upgrade I can publish as a PWA?

It’s already published as a PWA. You can upgrade if you want to publish to a custom domain (ex: right now since you’re on the free plan your domain is

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Ah right so I can share the link with a potential customer who could then do the usual PWA basic install on their mobile device to evaluate the product/app.

Yes! That’s correct

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