Is Adalo using Basedash?

I cannot help but notice that is using Adalo’s logo on their frontage.
Is Adalo using their product or in someway endorsing Basedash…?

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That will answer it. Adalo is using Basedash/Affiliated.

@B0untiful_26 @mr9sky

Adalo is using BaseDash.

I noticed lol it shows it clearly.

@B0untiful_26 I got confirmation from them.

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Ooh, I won’t lie its a great database choice adalo chose.

Just for the record - BaseDash is not a database.

It is a collaborative tool to work with existing databases and with data inside.


Which exciting database is Adalo using, just for curiosity?

I might be wrong but I believe other forum posts said something like Postgresql

That’s interesting, thank btw!

I guess it is something like phpMyAdmin for Mysql then.

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I’m wondering if it is for internal use for adalo team, or a master strategic movement to integrate Basedash tool to manage Adalo’s collections module. It would be fantastic!! Will to reduce dependency on 3rd party backends, in this case Airtable.

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