Filter for Showing Collections

Just putting it out here, is there any way to show Collections in Alphabetical order A-Z?
Just seems there is no logic to how this is displayed and when you have a lot of collections you end up constantly scanning the list - frustrating & time wasting.
Thanks :innocent:

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Try clicking this.

hey @Yongki thanks for the reply… What I mean is actual DB collections in the builder;

thanks tho :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Got it, sorry my bad.

collections editor using basedash I assume, because recently someone found out.

yeah, I know the feeling, every little detail counts, because our time efficiency depends on it.

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Hi @Yongki,

I didn’t manage to connect BaseDash to Adalo - it seems it works only with conventional SQL databases using direct connection (host:port), not the REST API…


Hi @Victor ,

Wow, you are quick, I did not get into that.

But my guess is, if it is true that basedash is used for collections editor, Adalo will protect it against other connections than their API.

Maybe it is meant for conventional connection, as it is marketed for enterprises that have their own conventional database connection.

Wish we get that kind of luxury too. :grinning:

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Basedash is used internally by Adalo to manage the database, not for external use and no mention of API support…

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So I take it there is no way to order Collections… frustrating and at times confusing :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the insight guys :+1:

@Victor you’re a total G!

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I agree @dasuksta… I currently have 16 databases. A lot of my DBs are relational, so it’d be helpful to group them either alphabetically or manually (like you can do when you show database properties).