Is anyone else experiencing this bug?

Adalo is not sending the magic text (red bubble) correctly

Can you give more context?


I’m not using the Xano integration, I’m using Xano as an external collection.

I have a list of comments and inside the list I have a list of replies so the outcome I want is that if I send the comments ID it will give me the replies (so in Xano I’m handling only getting replies for each comment when you pass the comment ID). The endpoints are working in Xano as intended

It works in Adalo too if I hardcode the value in the query parameter

The problem
When I try to pass the current comment ID using the red Magic Text, it’s like Adalo is sending nothing or zero.

The output is returning all of the replies, not just the ones for each of the comments

Ok so when you check API request history on Xano, there is nothing being passed? Just a zero?

Just a [0]

That’s strange, quite hard for me to diagnose from just this. Can you send some screenshots from the Xano side?


It looks like this


Well there’s definitely a mismatch with the query parameter name and the input name on Xano. But I’d think it will still show something in input

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Sorry I was playing around with the input name.

What you’re seeing is still what shows however.

No it’s, not showing anything in the input

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