Is building a marketplace with this type of feature possible in Adalo?

I am looking for a no-code solution for a very unique feature I am trying to build into a marketplace and I’m curious if it’s possible to build with Adalo?

To make it simple, after a consumer buys a product/service on the marketplace, they can post a picture of it to their own profile, “connect” it to the original product, and this post will show up in the searches of the product. Then when another person buys a product through their content, they make a percentage of the transaction fee.

For example, Jerry searches for a cooking class on the search page, books it, and now the class gets put on his calendar, where he can tap it and see his receipt, which includes a QR code for entry to the class. After the class, he post some pictures to his profile (he is only able to post photos from services he has attended), and links his post with the original cooking class post. Now anytime someone searches for cooking classes, they will get results that include Jerry’s post, even though he isn’t a business. If someone taps Jerry’s post (which looks just like the original businesses post just with Jerry’s pictures instead of the original posts pictures), and books the class, Jerry makes a small percentage of the total class fee.

Is something like this possible with Adalo?

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Yes, this is possible with adalo.

Yes it is possible, I have done something slightly similar to this already

Definitely possible. There are many ways to do this. One way that comes to my mind, would be 3 different collections:

  1. Classes
  2. Class Posts/Photos
  3. User (Business and Customer/Poster role)

Class 1 to Many relationship to Class Posts/photos.

the difference now is that classes belongs to class teacher and the post belongs to you. So when someone clicks your post, you could add a custom action to register that. Then all taps will be registered and you with the relationships you can always see who tapped, who is the Post Owner and which Class that belongs too.

I’m a newbie on here. Would you be able to explain this in more detail or step by step?

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Great for customer feedback!
I’d love such a feature as I’m selling digital photo Print on Demand so if customer could upload a happy photo of them with the canvas print / tee shirt / mug. That would be awesome.

Hi @LBIrigoyen,
I will try to make a video on Thursday.

Hi @LBIrigoyen,
I made a template for this, but before showing and explaining, I do have a question:

Would these “posts” be seen by the potential booker as a “class” or as a “post” in the App?

Say a user logs in and goes to the main screen, would there only be visible a class list and a post list, or would this have to be mixed together? Sort like the user would never differentiate a class from a post, everything for him would be a class?

A class and a post visually look the same on the home and search screens. Once tapped to see for information, they are still identical except the “post” has the users review attached to it while the class is the original business posting

That is fine, but although they are visually the same, are you displaying them in the home screen in 2 different lists? Because displaying all in 1 list is a very complex topic.

Same list. The Home Screen will have both classes and posts and look the same. They only differentiate once clicked and transition to detail screen

You cannot display 2 different collections in List, so if Classes and Posts are 2 different collections, it is just not possible. You would have to display both, but this would create 2 different scrolls.

If all your classes had at least one Post, this would be easy to solve, but if you have classes with no posts and others with posts, this is just not possible to do in one list. You need to separate but you can apply same visuals.

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