Anyone Using IAPHUB?

Is anyone using IAPHUB for in app subscriptions? Seems like a great solution and I’d like to know if anyone can recommend them based on experience.
Thanks so much,

You can open a ticket with Adalo and request access to the beta version of their in-app solution for subscriptions.

If that’s something that you would be interested in.

I have not used IAPHUB.

Thanks Charles, I did just open a ticket requesting that a few minutes ago. I would much prefer to use Adalo component!

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I am using the beta. My app went live 3 days ago and for the 10 current subscribers (out of 75 users) it works very well so far.
I also use external collections and on my backend I have a task running at night verify if the verification is valid or not.

I am currently using them.

I have the Adalo beta as well, but it’s not on my live app just because it’s a new launch and I dont want anything to go wrong.

IAPHUB seems like a good alternative until the Adalo component is 100% stable.

Thanks so much for letting me know Bobby!

Hope they let you in also. Or at least give you a timeframe.


I have been using the Adalo IAP+Sub beta on my live app for the last month now, and it’s been great for me so far.

WOW, that’s an amazing accomplishment! As a horse owner who has studied equine nutrition, I am well aware of all the variables involved in your undertaking…what a great app! I’m sure you will be very successful. Plus, your app is beautiful. Great job all around. Thanks for taking the time to let me know you are happy with the Adalo beta so far.

I hope they let me in too Mark! Thanks again, Kalee

I might have to give it a real go then. Can I DM you about it?

I’m in the beta and have the docs just a few questions.

I’m not sure you meant to DM me…I’m not using it yet, just trying to get the beta.

Nope, was talking to @marklive

oh good. Didn’t see him in the email.

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