Recurring Subscriptions IOS / Android - Adalo component

Hi everyone,

Can someone told me if it’s possible to make a recurring subscriptions IOS and Android with the adalo component ?

If not, there is an another solution ?

Thank you very much for helping me

Hey there @Glasses

You have 2 options currently:

  1. You can use PragmaFlows IAPHUB component which integrates with IAPHUB to manage in-app subscriptions:

  2. You can use the Stripe Subscriptions component to collect subscription payments: Stripe - Adalo Resources

Depending on what you are charging a subscription for, you may need to use one or the other.

For example, if you’re charging a subscription for access to the app, you need to use IAPHUB. If you’re charging a subscription for products/services, then you can use the Stripe subscriptions component.

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I’ve started a view days ago a discussion regarding PragmaFlows IAPHUB setup. It is really, really difficult to set it up to use it on IOS and Android. I can’t find a complete description how to do it? Much of the work is done by trial and error. And what I don’t found at all, is how to verify if the user has an active subscription or not. Yes, there exists a component from PragmaFlows “Get Active Purchase” but I believe it is not working at all. I don’t find any entry on the forum for that component.

Hi @RonDeveloper ,

Consider tagging them directly or contact them in their website, I remember reading their post about the need of support around their components, but I could be wrong reading the gesture.

Hi Ron, if you have any updates let me know. I checked what you made, and i couldnt find your mistake. As i told you, i had some issue but mine component is working.

While we do not have some answer about “Get Active Purchase”, im checking events in IAPHUB dashboard for user subscription status

Hi Mauro,

do you check the subscription status from IAPHUB with an API call or just “manually”?


Just manually, but i need to solve it. I will try to use this API and i cant tell you if it is working.

I started a request at IAPHUB regarding the API. But for now I’m not getting the correct ApiKey name to do the authorization in the header. That’s what the IAPHUB send me but I’m sure it is not the correct name:

Also I didn’t see at first but the name of your header should be “Authorization” not “ApiKey”, “ApiKey” should be in the header value:
Get user | IAPHUB

I got answer from the IAPHUB support, the correct API call header is:

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