Is it not possible to open an image from an external url on a mobile device?

Hi everyone, I tried this tutorial, How to Create Temporary User Avatars - Adalo Resources, where I load a temporary avatar (based on the users initials) from an external url.

For instance:

On web it works flawless, but on iOS it doesn’t show this external picture.
Does anybody know if this is restricted by Apple?

Thanks for any help or suggestion.

Hi @Toms,

Out of curiosity I’ve tested this and I can confirm that the problem exists: avatars from dicebar are not shown in iOS app build (but are shown on web).

I’ve investigated the issue a bit and it turns out the problem is related to displaying .svg images. For example:

The last one generates JPG files, unlike Dicebar and UI-avatars. So I can conclude that the problem is related to svg. Additional proof for this - when I try to use static SVG file URL (, it works in PWA, but still doesn’t work on iOS.

I believe that only Adalo can fix this so submitting support ticket is worthwhile: Submit a Support Ticket

Hope this helps.


Wow, thanks again for investigating this @Victor. That’s really helpful. I’ll create a support ticket for Adalo and hope they will fix it soon

In the meantime, I am open for good dicebear alternatives that create jpeg avatars with the initials of the name.

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