Is it possible to automatically populate a relationship field from another field?

Hello smart people!

Is it possible to automatically populate a relationship field from another pre-populated field (instead of having to manually select from a dropdown menu)?


Collection #1 (laptop companies):

  • Dell
  • HP
  • Lenovo

Collection #2 (laptop models):

  • Inspiron
  • Latitude
  • Precision
  • Pavilion
  • Envy
  • Spectre
  • Yoga
  • ThinkPad
  • IdeaPad

Collection #1 has a one-to-many relationship with Collection #2.

I have pre-populated in Collection #2 as follows:

  • Inspiron - Dell - select from drop-down
  • Latitude - Dell - select from drop-down
  • Precision - Dell - select from drop-down
  • Pavilion - HP - select from drop-down
  • Envy - HP - select from drop-down
  • Spectre - HP - select from drop-down
  • Yoga - Lenovo - select from drop-down
  • ThinkPad - Lenovo - select from drop-down
  • IdeaPad - Lenovo - select from drop-down

Currently, I can manually select from a drop-down the laptop company for the corresponding laptop model, but would like to do this automatically based on the prepopulated field. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Here are a few screenshots to help explain what I am after:

Collection #1 (Laptop Companies) with a 1-to-many relationship with Laptop Models:

Collection #2 (Laptop Models) with a many-to-1 relationship with Laptop Companies. Also has a prepopulated field with known values that I want to have automatically populated into the relationship field:

Manual selection to populate the relationship field (which I prefer not doing manually 1 at a time lots of entries):

Would this be possible? Does anyone have a possible workaround solution? Thanks for taking the time!

Hi @TrZd,

For CSV uploads, you can set the relationships upon upload. The value in the relationship column (many) should be exactly the same as the value in the 1st column in the corresponding collection (one).
Please see here Importing Records from a CSV File - Adalo Resources, select “in-depth” for detailed explanation.


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Thank you so much, Victor!! I didn’t know it worked with relationships columns too. :smiley: Great to know!

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