Streamlining Manual Creation of Database Entries

I have need to create a large number of individual database entries in a collection called “Workouts”. Each of these ‘Workout’ entries will reference individual ‘Exercise’ items from other collections. See picture.

Unfortunately, when I import/export records via CSV, there appears to be no way to include the entries from these linked relationship fields, making for very time consuming manual data entry of 8-20 individual items for every record I want to create.

My question is - are there any scalable solutions for this? A formatting trick for a CSV file that would allow me to import records with these entries pre-populated? Some sort of a front-end for better data entry/management of Adalo collections? If I were to transition this collection to Airtable (as an example) would that provide me a more manageable front end to streamline this process? Open to suggestions.

Many thanks for any help you can provide!

I don’t think there’s a way to mass upload and created mapping for tables with relationships. Unfortunately this is manual at the moment.

Worth checking Adalo API if there’s any possibility.

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Thanks for the feedback @bhanu. I’ll I’ll dig into some of that documentation and see what I find.

I haven’t tried this yet, but just an idea to test. Export your current entries in the collection as a CSV and see which values are provided in those relationship fields. Perhaps that could give a clue.

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 4.42.31 AM

Well, I tested it and the download leaves those fields blank.

So disregard. From the initial looks of it, I’d say it’s not possible to map the relationship parameters via CSV.

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I absolutely appreciate you taking the time to test that out @Flawless! I ran the same test myself before I posted this question, and unfortunately I saw the same behavior as you did. I’m going to dig into a little API documentation, but sadly it seems that this is just going to need to be a manual process for the time being.

By the way, I want to say that the video you made regarding triggering short audio clips via buttons and actions in Adalo was great! It gave me some ideas for a workout timer w/audio cues I’m working on for my app.

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What I’ve done in these situations is create a flow of screens to speed up the manual creation process.

Sometimes, it’s easier to create database entries within the apps themselves rather than playing with the database in the editor. You can create a screen with the form that creates the item that then leads to a screen where you can click to add all of the relationship parameters.

Glad you dig the video, that’s a brilliant idea.

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Ohhhhh, that’s an interesting thought! :thinking:

Thinking through this - you’re saying create hidden screens in the app specifically for data entry? Or, create a separate back-end record creation app that shares the same data collection? If I’m understanding you correctly, that’s a very interesting thought. I may have to play with this idea. A separate PWA could be provided to an employee down the road if needed to streamline data entry. Hmmm.

I like to keep it all contained in 1 app. Like an “admin dashboard”.

I have a true/false parameter labeled “admin” in the user collection. I then add an action button with a key icon onto the home screen with a link to the “admin dashboard” screen. Set the visibility of the action button to sometimes visible if logged-in user > admin = true.

You can then add sections or buttons or lists to that screen and update things as you please.

Beautiful. Thanks again @Flawless. This is a BIG help!

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