Is it possible to build Patreon with Adalo?

Hey guys,
Is building a Something like Patreon possible with Adalo?
Using Stripe marketplace does not seem to work with subscriptions, does anyone know?

Hello @DavidS ! Yes, this is possible.
If you need any help feel free to ask us, or schedule a free 30 minutes call on our website

How though, stripe marketplace only works with one time payments?

@DavidS subscriptions are also supported with Stripe, check the component bellow.

Yeah I’ve seen this but this way I will recieve the money and not my users right?

I’ve followed this tutorial: Makerpad Adalo Tutorial , Nowhere in the tutorial was mentioned how my Users can get paid though.
Anyone can subscribe but how do my users get their money and how do i take a comission on it???

All is possible…with Adalo…

Care to explain how to fix this then please?

First of all, you need to add “connect with stripe” component. So, the user can connect a stripe account to receive the money. (See the screenshoot)

After that, you have to use “Stripe payment”, select the “Marketplace” option and with a magic text you set up the Stripe ID of the user that receive the money. (see the screenshoot)

I don’t think you can give the money to the users if you use “Stripe Subscription” component, as I know this option is available only for one time payment.

So it’s not possible? Why did you say it was possible then :sweat_smile:

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