Is it possible to copy/convert a Native app to a Web App and vice versa?

Currently I’m working on a Native app, however I would like to work on the desktop app afterwards. Is it possible to copy my native app and somehow convert it to web or at-least get a starting version and then edit it?

I recently attempted this/copied my native app to a web app.

You can choose to copy the database of both native and web apps, but for the database to successfully copy you need to choose the “blank” template upon creation of the second app.

I know I’ll also need a Web app as companion to my Native app… and I’m definitely procrastinating because its going to be a ton of work literally remaking everything. Weeks ago I also attempted copying components from one Adalo app to another app and while they visibly appear they don’t actually “stick” or save.

Would be an incredibly awesome time saver if it was possible. Even if you had to maintain native app size and expand it once in the web app…


You can share the same DB… you can copy elements over but you will need to relink text, smart texts etc… So it’s a bit of work, but not too bad.