Convert mobile application to website


We have a mobile application under development via Adalo that we would like to convert into a website that can be consulted on PC/Tablet.

Is it possible to do it, if not is it better to develop the website first and then convert it into a mobile application?

How to have the mobile application and website without having to do the development twice.

Thanks for your help

It’s possible.

You can create a web app that shares the database with your native mobile app.

Once you create the web app, you can copy and paste the screens from the native mobile app into the web app. You’ll probably need to resize the screens. You will need to add all of the links within the app though.

I created this video a while back, it should help: How To Copy Screens From One App To Another In Adalo - YouTube



Is this the same as just cloning the app and then changing the screen sizes?

I wish it was that easy lol.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to clone a native mobile app and turn it into a web app with the clone feature at this time.

The only way to convert a mobile app to a web app is by creating a new web app and copying/pasting screens, even if they share the same database.

Ah yes I’ve just found out!

Adalo seems to have an amazing ability to make difficult things easy but easy things hard!! :sweat_smile:


Hello, now you can copy your mobile app to a responsive app that can work as a web app on mobile and desktop.

Thank you!

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This means I can have a native app & a web app (that works on phone, tablet, PC etc). All sharing the same database?


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Great. Thanks for the clarification.