Advice regarding the technical issue

Dear Colleagues,

My name is Dmitry. I’m a beginner web developer in Adalo.

I’ve faced one procedure which I’m not quite sure if it may be completed or not.

Just as one starting a new app creation is immediately offered an option between “native mobile app” and “desktop web app”.

I’ve already created one application intended to be used on the mobile device. At the very beginning of the construction prcedure I’ve chosen an option “native mobile app”. This app isn’t complete yet, but it works in general.

I want now to create the SAME APPLICATION FOR A DESKTOP. Everything except the size is supposed to have te same structure and consequesnce of actions to be followed.

Do you know if there is AN OPPORTUNITY BY ANY CHANCE TO TRANSFER ALL THIS STRUCTURE INTO THE DESKTOP APP, or the only option is to create it from the very beginning?

Thank you for the assistance,

You can create a desktop version with the database shared and then just copy and paste the screens from the mobile to the desktop, then you have to connect just the links

Thank you for an answer.
Are you aware if it’s possible on the free plan (not a paid one)?

To be continued …

Thank you for the advice. I’ve tried it on my free plan. It partially helps.

The system lets me to create a NEW DESKTOP WEB in this way with a database collection transferred from a SIMULAR MOBILE APP.

Than I’ve tried to follow your recommendations and tried to copy screens and paste them into the new desktop web. But it doesn’t work by any chance. There are no options found by myself providing me with an opportunity to complete this transition of screens using the commands in adalo interface. I’ve tried an other way just by selection of each screen and using commands “Ctrl C” and “Ctrl V” respectively to “copy” and “paste”, but instead of trasforming an appropriate mobile screen into a deskop screen an initial mobile screen has been transferred to this desktop web:

Do you know if there are any ways of automatic trasformation of the screen from the INITIAL MOBILE APP into a NEW DESKTOP WEB?

Thank you for the assistance,

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