Is it possible to have a has tag feature?

I wonder if it’s possible to have it
・when user creates a new post, can add a hashtag
・display the hashtag on the post and it’s clickable
・only posts with the specific hashtag on the page

Yes I’ve done this before using a separate tags collection. Tags have a relationship to posts many to many relationship.

Then user can select from a list of tags (or create a new one).

You can display the tags on the post using a horizontal list.

Thank you so much!

Is there any lesson youtube video or something?
I would like to know all the steps to make it happen.

Thank you.

I would say Victor’s video here is quite relevant to how I’d be setting up tags

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But instead of ‘categories’ it would be tags, and I’d have the horizontal list within a custom list of results so tags show on each item.

thank you so much.
How can we do filter posts according to hashtag user clicks?Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 16.45.27

Hey guys
Also i need the solution for the tag…