Multi filter system for list


I have a collection “hotel” which has many to many relationship with a collection “tag”.
What l’d like to do is using these tags as search criteria for hotels.
Users can select multiple tags and a list will show hotels completly match the tags.

Tags selecting is ok but list fiterling is not.
I know it is simply not possible to call “selected tags” in list filtering feature.
I think logically it is possible to assing unique prime number for each tag and
use multiplication product of these numbers as ID of hotel.

But this system makes my app very slow…

Could anyome help to achieve this?
Or any suggestion to improve user experience without this feature?

Hi @Shinji,

If you use the Users collection you could create a many to many relationship with users and tag collections and in the hotels list you could add current hotel’s>tag’s>users>contains>logged in user. Let us know if that works!

Thank you

Hi, @dilon_perera
Thanks for your reply.
I can list hottels based on “logged in user’s/tags/hotels contains current hottel” instead of the way you showed because I couldn’t get that option.

In this case, list shows “OR” search results.
In the case of “AND” search, how can I implement?
I guess I did something wrong.
Thank you for your time to help me.

@Shinji, could you share a video showing you current setup and database?

Hi @dilon_perera
I checked the list again and I found the filtering option as you said.
But now, I cannnot see any item on the list now as a video below.

I appreciate that you give me responce so quickly.