Is it possible to have the android back button work on the content within a web view?

Hi, I hope you are all doing great. I have an app with a few intro screens followed by a screen with a web view.

Here is a screenshot below for more context.

Once you are using the app from an Android phone and you get to the web view and browse a few inner sections inside it… and then press the back button, it takes you back to the intro screen. Instead of going back to the last section visited within the web view.

I was wondering if there was some way to have the Android back button when pressed, work inside the web view in this case, instead of taking you to the last Adalo Screen visited.

Thanks again for your time, I would greatly appreciate any guidance or insight on the topic.
Have a nice day. Regards Javier.

Hi Javier,

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I think it’s working like that! I don’t experience this behavior using my Android phone! See this video : Web view - Google Drive ( Web view 1 is the one that Adalo provided and Web view 2 is the Pragmaflow one! )I’m not sure about Native but this is one PWA! ( I believe in Native also same! )

As an alternate you can use the External Link action adding to the button and enabling the In App Browser!

See this video : External Link Action - Google Drive

Thank you

Thanks for clarifying things. It is really helpful.

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