Is it possible to insert a line chart from

is it possible to insert a line chart from ??

I think this is what you’re looking for:

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Great , i was wondering , would it be possible to add the values from a form in real time within an app ? I think it could but perhaps i’m wrong.By the very nice concept !.Thanks.

Thanks for your answers. I saw this video on youtube and it’s great, but I need to insert something like the picture. I would also like to update the chart after adding a record. I tried to use an available component in the marketplace but it does not yet have as many configuration options as the charts give

The chart is dynamic based on the magic text fields you input in the URL text.

Another way of saying it is the numerical values are dynamic and will update accordingly, as long as the magic text is formatted properly!

Thanks Erik for the answer. I tried this but the problem is I can’t find a chart that updated after finding my record previously. I only have a choice of values ​​- sum, average of all records, etc. and it actually shows in the graph inserted in adolo from However, I wanted to display values ​​that are not modified in any way, but those that are actually entered for the record. I’m sending a screenshot

Hi Artur,

I think I understand your issue. I don’t think it’s possible without a custom component or using a chart API.

You could probably find a way to use Charts by Google - Charts  |  Google Developers. You’ll need a custom action to pass the records to google.

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Erik, thanks for this. When you say formatted correctly - I noticed that if the magic text is a simple value (no filters applied etc) the quick chart API works and doesn’t crash the image preview. However, as soon as i create a chart and apply filters to the magic text the quick chart doesnt render and crashes the preview.

What I have been doing is putting form input fields on the page, and creating an equation with the filters applied for the placeholder text, then pulling that sum value from the input field back into the quick chart and it appears to work.

Do you have any other solutions that allows quick chart to work by using filters/formulas?

I don’t at this moment… Let me add that to my tutorial list and I’ll see if I can make a tutorial of it soon.

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Erik thanks. I think this is the solution. I will try to do this and let you know what the effects are.

Erik, I have a problem with that. Nothing works. Could I ask you to create a short guide on how to do it ??

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