Is it possible to pay with Apple Pay & Google Pay and then also use Stripe Connect component?


Short version (summary): is it possible to pay with “Apple Pay & Google Pay” and then also use “Stripe Connect component”?

Longer version:

Seems to me that Adalo already supports both features, but I’m not sure if they could be setup to be used together:

Here what I’m trying to do:
This is a for two-sided marketplace (has ‘merchants’ and ‘buyers’). I’m wondering if in Adalo a mobile app could be created so that a ‘buyer’ pays for a consumable product (e.g. food, service, etc) using Apple Pay/Google Pay, but then use Stripe Connect, as that is the component to manage automatic ‘payouts’ (and optional commisions) to merchants.

Two questions:

  1. After reading the guides above, seems to me that paying with Apple Pay/Google Pay is only for one-time “in-app purchases”. Meaning there is currently no way use those for a ‘marketplace’ set up. Is that correct?

  2. The Stripe Connect component would be the only tool needed for a marketplace, but so far, only way to pay is manually entering the credit card info (ie. no Apple Pay/Google Pay). Is that correct?

  3. Assuming my only option is to use the Stripe Connect component, is there a “best practice” for storing credit card info using Adalo?

Note: A related forum post on Apple Pay/Google Pay is here, which points to the Feature Request for “Payment Gateways”, here

P.S: hi @anon78309838 @TKOTC @Pragmaflow_Toni @Mitch-Pragmaflow @kelly-pragmaflow @yelkhayami @alexstockman @msmurfitt @damianoredemagni I saw your name in forum posts related to Payments & Stripe Connect, in case you help out – would very much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Unfortuantely I’ve only used the Stripe component, and not implemented Google or Apple pay.
Maybe one of the others you’ve tagged might be able to help…

Hey there @sweetapp21

Go with Stripe Connect and Stripe Marketplace components. That’s all you need :sunglasses:

To answer your questions:

  1. You’re correct. In-app purchases are for digital goods and/or access to features. Not physical products/services.
  1. Yes and no. Yes, the Stripe Connect and Stripe Marketplace components are the only components you’ll need. The last card used is stored to the user’s Stripe account (as a customer).
  1. Card data is not stored in the Adalo database.

Apple and google pay is not recommended to sell physical goods from merchants as they take upwards of 30%. In order for merchants to make their desired dollar on a product they would have to mark up the price by over 30% to make that dollar. This is why apple and google pay is recommended for electronic goods or “subscription” based services. A product that that essentially doesn’t require you to make a certain amount above the cost of obtaining like you have to with physical goods


Thanks @Flawless
What you are saying I think is true (card data is not stored), however I recently saw this interesting youtube " Saving Payment Data in Adalo", in case you have any thought/comment related to that

Happy to help :slight_smile:

The card data is stored on Stripe.

That’s an outdated video. The card data is not actually stored on Adalo’s database due to PCI compliance.

Adalo rebuilt the Stripe components and released the new versions of the stripe components earlier this year: Stripe Component Improvements | Voters | Adalo

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