New Payment Software

Hey guys,

so i’ve been thinking build some payment integration in Adalo other than stripe starting from August, can you recommend some payment softwares?

Apple Pay


Square. Along with Stripe, I think Square is one of the most common payment systems used by small businesses.

In my case, my physical store uses Square for payments, for inventory management, for invoices, and more. My Adalo app will support my store, but I will have to use a link to an external website to process payments, display inventory, etc. It would be amazingly helpful if you integrated Square with Adalo.

In addition, I accept payments through, Venmo, Paypal, and Chime. I don’t know if those can be “integrated” with Adalo, but they would be helpful too. “Informal” society (i.e. the homeless and those who are struggling) use those services. And many of those are my customers.


I agree with @MikesClub Stripe is very “small business” orientated and many apps including mine as well are for small businesses.

Also I agree with Paypal

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Payment platforms already mentioned +

Payoneer is good for international & unlike Paypal, their interests are not tied to Ebay.


How will you be using Square?

On my app, my usage of Square will be pretty simple. My club requires a monthly membership fee, so I would like to let people join the club, and renew their memberships, on my app using Square. Right now I have a link to my Square website. But I’d like to have the customer remain in the app for the whole checkout experience, like they currently do with Stripe.

We might also offer merchandise for sale through the app, using a standard catalog and checkout cart system.


A couple thoughts that go with this topic. I am happy to hear you’re thinking about this.

I am unaware of the status of what is, and what is not possible with payments & Adalo. I am a newbie.

But, I think it would be smart, from a strategic point of view, to make many types of payments / processors compatible with Adalo. And not be totally reliant on Stripe. Why?..

Because Stripe is a YC company. YC also backs no-code competitors. I’m not at all suggesting that they will, but Stripe, at anytime, could make it difficult, or bar Adalo all together from using Stripe. I know I would do it if I were them. Even if it meant losing a few transactions.

So, @njimmy10 I think you’re working a good problem & have lots of opportunity. Keep it up.

If a component for Square was built I would use it immediately! Trying to figure out a way to setup something other than a url link for my customer and its a challenge. Not sure if I want to use stripe and have another platform of charges including Square.

Paypal and Satispay

Hi Jimmy! There are a few different options when it comes to payment integration for Adalo. Some of the more popular options include PayPal,, and Braintree. Each option has pros and cons, so it depends on your specific needs and preferences as to which would be the best fit for you. My brother has been working at for the last ten years and has a lot of experience in software development. He told me PayPal is the worthiest and has no rivals in this field. I hope this helps you! Cheers!


Payoneer would be fantastic!

Hello there,
I have a customer who asks me to integrate Adalo with Braintree, could you develop a component?

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