Is it possible to see the order of layers on a screen?

When I arrange items, by sending them forward or backward, it really seems to be just guesswork to determine where those different items are in relation to others behind or in front of them.

Is there any way to see where those items are stacked in relation to each other?

If not, it would be helpful if the stacking order was reflected in the left side of the previewer window.

No such tool. It would be a feature request.

This is exactly how it is. The layers are from top-to-bottom = front-to-back.

Look at this example:

The edit button for profile pic is above the profile picture which is above the purple rectangle.

I see how this can be confusing. If you’re working within a group, the layers display in reverse order. Like this group. Even though the order shows properly when you’re viewing all components on the screen, when viewing the group, the layers are reversed. This is a screenshot from the same exact example, but selected and viewing from the “Profile picture group with button”. You’ll notice the rectangle is still in the back of the group, but on the layers, it’s on the top of the list.


That’s very helpful information. I’ll study this when I get back to my laptop later.

I don’t suppose you can drag and drop the items in the side panel list, to change the stack order, can you? That would be much better than “move forward, move forward, move forward”.

Yes, you can. But only when you click on the full screen to view all components. You can’t drag the order of the items when viewing from the group view.

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