Select random item, list recommandation?

Hi all,
Actually, I built an app, and I used a random picker component. But I can’t satisfy with it, and it has some bugs. Do you have any idea to get some records from DB randomly? If it had possible, I could do it with a single-line SQL script.
Thanks in advance for your comments.

I assume you could use the random number formula. So each record in your DB has a numeric ID field. Then the user has a ‘randomNumber’ property. Have a button (or screen action) that does update > logged in user > randomNumber > function RAN(X,Y). Then have a list displaying items where Record ID = Logged in User randomNumber.

In the random function above, X is the minimum number it will generate, and Y is the maximum number. E.g. RAN(100,200) is going to generate a random number between 100 and 200. So for X you probably want 0, and for Y you want count > databaseProperty. This should work assuming each record on the database is consecutive e.g. 1 then 2 then 3 etc.

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Thank you for your help. Actually, my received list items count can change.
Savoc - Flashcards I want to show card randomly when the user taps any emoji :frowning:

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