Is it possible to store images locally?

Brand new, starting up a quick app to test, but I’d like to display an image associated with the user, but not put it in the database - I have figured out how to do exactly what I want while uploading to the DB, however - as it’s not HIPAA compliant (from my google search) - I may not want to store the PII info in the database. I do see if I use an image picker and don’t put a button to “update user info” the image persists in the app preview, even after a sign out, but that doesn’t feel reliable. I’d also love to be able to have the image zoom to full size when tapped, which I don’t see as an available action.

If compliance is fine for potentially storing medical info - I’m okay with my current solution, but I’d like to obfuscate the entry in the DB so admins cannot see the data…

This solution is currently not HIPAA compliant and therefore I would not advise it as a method for storing medical data. There is a feature request you can add your vote to and follow for updates here:

In regards to the full screen image. What you can do here is create an action on clicking the image that takes you to a new modal screen that you can create a fullscreen image on.

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Sounds like I’ll need to investigate the local storage option then, it really would just be a photo-album (for 1 local file) situation at that point

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