Is the Adalo service down?

“You’re Offline! Your apps will not save until you reconnect.”

I refreshed it a few times now and as you can see by me sending this message here on the forum I do have internet.

It might be just temporarily or even something only for me tho.

PS, also tried to connect to it on another device using cellular, also says it is offline.

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Same here, seems to be a general problem

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same issue here is
I think this is some global issue with the Internet

Same problem, maybe they’re working to fix this

I’ve submitted a ticket, they’ll update the status here soon (I expect)

Same problem here in Brazil

“You’re Offline! Your apps will not save until you reconnect”
And I’ve internet conection.

Looking into this right now!


I feel good when i see this, because I know that they are Updating Adalo or there is gonna be a new feature released or something (Like)

Not necessarily haha, would be nice tho:)

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Same here, apparently everyone is having the same issue? how much time do you think this will take before they fix it?

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the brief downtime with editing your apps, everything should be back up now. I’m seeing it look good on my end. Please let me know if you’re still seeing problems. Again apologies we know how important building and editing your apps is so I’m glad we were able to get it back quickly.

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Everything came back to normal! thank you

Works out, thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks a lot!

Afternoon, today is May 27, 2021 12:40PM EST, is Adalo down again? Same issue internet connection and the offline message is appearing. Thank you.

Yes…down for me!!! This is not good

Adalo is aware of this issue & they are working on it.

for more info - You're Offline message + Builder offline! - #5 by James_App_Maker

Would changing the auto-save functionality in the app builder - to a “Save Now” button drastically decrease the load on the servers???

If (let’s say) 100,000 no-coders are working away on apps and it’s auto-saving every action or so many seconds… isn’t that a tremendous decrease in apps / server / performance??

I would gladly click save and most likely not until after a few items were “completely changed or edited” - take that…MULTIPLIED TIMES 100,000 - would equal a LOT of performance enhancement!!!

Is this correct David??? I’m sure it’s a difficult balance to decide on from an “Adalo / Business” perspective, but wouldn’t that be a significant trade of performance for the auto-convenience trend in the past few years? Myself, I like a good, controllable button :slight_smile: :laughing: if this is correct…

@ishantanusrivastava thanks for sharing that information, at least we know they’re aware.

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what if the server goes down and i did not press the save button ?, i would suggest an auto save with a timer that saves the work every 5 minutes interval for example + the manual save button, that resets the timer, like that you will keep the performance up and developer’s work safe.

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