Your apps will not save until you reconnect

Hi Adalo,

Lately I’m getting a lot of this error “You’re Offline! Your apps will not save until you reconnect.”, although I am connected to the internet. Even this forum message it’s written while I’m getting the message “You’re Offline! Your apps will not save until you reconnect.”

This interferes with my proyect, as I have a lot of idle time, waiting to be reconnected again.

Any thoughts why this is happening?

Thanks very much

It’s always done this. It seems to be some kind of limiter put in place if you’re eating up too many resources. Get used to it

You can still edit the app while that banner appears, and then it will connect eventually and save. Dont worry about it too much.

Just don’t close the editor when you have that banner, it may cause some issues.

But mostly… dont worry about it!

It will also appear now because Adalo’s servers are down.


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