You’re Offline! Your apps will not save until you reconnect. - Frequent Error

How many of you currently get this message on screen frequently and end up mostly losing the last 1-2 changes done to the app?
“You’re Offline! Your apps will not save until you reconnect.”

Previously, I used to get this message sometimes, but nowadays it has been so frequent and so lengthy to go away that it is becoming very difficult to work. I had raised the issue as a ticket many days back (when this message was there on the adalo screen for a whole day) but haven’t heard from the Adalo team yet.
I know they are swamped up with a lot of issues and tickets, so can’t blame them but I want to reach out to the expert community here, if they have or are facing this issue and if they have a remedy for this?
Please advise.
Thanks in advance. :grinning:


Hi! I am seeing these more frequently right now for sure. It is not common to have them that often but there are always these points when the servers get very busy, and they decide to expand. So not many advises other than stay patient and realize that the speed at what we can develop in general is still worth it these waits. Its frustrating but I will take a break for a couple minutes to see if it gets better hahaha.


Hi @ppvaldes @GNS_Admin,

This happened to me a few minutes ago but after waiting, it was fixed. This is likely NOT Adalo’s issue but probably fastly.

UPDATE: it’s showing again.

Oh WOW, indeed GoDaddy was also down for a while this morning.

Hi James, Thank you for the information. Wasn’t aware of this.
Maybe then today’s issue was due to this as you pointed out. But it is not just about today, it happens very frequently and I have a stable internet connection, so don’t know where the issue is happening.
Any suggestion on how it can be solved or avoided?

You can’t really do anything about it because today is fastly’s problems and all the other ones are probably Heroku.

If you guys are wondering how big the outage is:


Ha ha, true and agreed, it’s definitely worth the wait and I was generally always okay with this. But nowadays it has become so frequent that it gets stuck for almost 1 hour or as it happened for me a whole day at times and then it gets very troubling.

Adalo has been giving us the YSOD (Yellow Strip of Death) several times per hour.
When the YSOD states that “You’re Offline!”, we’re not offline, of course. Everything else is still connecting. Just the Adalo servers are disconnecting.
Is there anything we can keep an eye on, in terms of server load?

One thing has been working without interruption: The full Adalo fees charged every month…

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