Is there a preferred image format in Adalo?

Is one format better than another for images uploaded to my Adalo app?

Is png better than jpg, etc?

Usually, jpg is better than png. Basically, the file is lighter meaning it’ll load faster. And your app users want fast loading

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Do you mean images you use in the app, as part of the design? Or do you mean images that your users upload as part of their usage?

I assumed that the same considerations would apply to both, but if there’s a difference, I’d like to learn about it.

I initially thought about this question because I needed to use a png with transparent background as part of my design. That worked fine in that particular case, but I also understand that pngs can be heavier files.

For your app, resize images to the size you need before adding them. Don’t use Adalo’s resizing to do the resize. That’s not reducing the weight of the file. If you need to use PNG, then you need to use PNG. Nothing to do about that :wink:

For users uploading images, I don’t believe there’s anything you can do to control the weight of the files they upload.

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