Is there a way to auto cycle through screens?

Is there a way to auto-cycle through pages in a web app? I have a few clients that display food menus on TVs and they often have too many items to display all at once. I’d like to be able to set a view time then cycle to the next page and have it loop back when all of the screens have been displayed.

I tried posting this question in the Adalo Slack channel but haven’t received a response so I figured I’d drop it in here as well. I’m guessing the answer is NO but hopefully, someone has an idea of how to make this work.

See for feature request.

Thanks, @karimoo. My inclination was this wouldn’t be possible in Adalo at the current time.

Unfortunately right now it seems it isn’t possible. I thought I could find a sneaky way to do it but wasn’t able to.

@Colin, Thanks for trying! I found a video that shows how to cycle through open tabs in firefox using a browser extension (I’m guessing other browsers have similar extensions.) I haven’t had a chance to try it out or see if the extensions are still available since video was made in 2016, but I think it would do the trick.

This is the video link if anyone is interested Auto Cycle Through Open Tabs

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